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Australian Defence Force Academy

Officer Cadet Oliver Bohling

Officer Cadet First Laste

I will soon graduate and commence the next chapter of my career as an Aviatian Warfare Officer. “Aviation Warfare Officers have a unique role in the Navy in that they are essentially the co-pilot, navigator and warfare operator of the Navy’s Seahawk helicopters.

I would recommend ADFA because it’s awesome. You receive a university education, military training and a salary, but I would look beyond the economic benefits and say that it’s just a great experience overall.

I left home at 17 and I am now a completely different person. The four years that I have been in the military have shaped me and developed me in a positive way. The key benefit of ADFA is that you are challenged and that you are offered opportunities that are not available anywhere else. The degree is great fun, the military side of training is great and the physical training is really good.