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Message from CDF
International Women's Day 2014

A message from AIRCDRE Alan Clements, Commandant of the Australian Defence Force Academy, to all officer cadets, midshipmen and staff at the Academy regarding International Womens Day.

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Message from CDF

Message from the Chief of the Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force Academy has a proud tradition of educating future leaders of the Australian Defence Force. Click here for some words from the Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley.

Message from CDF

Information for Parents

Advice and information from the Director ADFA Undergraduates, Group Captain John Davidson, for all parents and guardians of Year One officer cadets and midshipmen

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The Academy

The Academy is a newsletter produced twice a year by the Australian Defence Force Academy. Click here to download Issue 1, 2013.

Universities discuss ethical dilemmas at leadership seminar

Earlier this year ten midshipmen and officer cadets from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) participated in the second Ethical Decision-Making Seminar held at Sydney. Continue Reading

Red Nose Day

ADFA Cadets stand strong to raise awareness for Red Nose Day

Canberra’s crisp winter weather was not enough to deter Midshipmen and Officer Cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) who were up before sunrise. More

Ethics Decision-Making Seminar

Ethical Decision-Making Seminar "Lifts the Lid"

The ethical and moral challenges facing cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and Australia’s eight leading universities were the focus of a three-day seminar held at ADFA in May. More

Future Defence Leaders

Future Defence leaders rise to the challenge

Third-year cadets from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) have had their leadership skills put to the test in Jervis Bay this past week, onboard the tall ship James Craig. More

Cadets in the Community

Cadets in the Community

Three ADFA Cadets participated in the Relay for Life event in Canberra on Saturday March 17 and assisted in raising over $300,000 for the Cancer Council Australia. More

The First Six Weeks

Your first six weeks at ADFA, in Canberra, are probably the most exciting six weeks of your life. These episodes will give you a taste for what those six weeks will be like and the range of activities you can look forward to as a Midshipman or an Officer Cadet at ADFA.

Top 10 Reasons

to choose ADFA for your undergraduate degree...

  • 01

    Learn to be a Leader,

    The biggest benefit of being paid to study was that I didn't need to worry about how I would support myself financially. I could focus on my studies and training, and on achieving my Bachelor's degree. And with subsidised accommodation, meals and utilities, I found I could use more of my money on the things that I wanted.


    and set yourself up for a wide range of career opportunities
  • 02

    Receive a top quality education and study for a degree

    When I was looking at universities, I was afraid that coming to ADFA would mean sacrificing the quality of my education. After doing some research I found that UNSW@ADFA had the best student to teacher ratio in the country, and that UNSW is considered one of the top 20 universities in the world. Knowing that made my decision much easier.


    from the University of New South Wales
  • 03

    Start an extraordinary military career that will take you around Australia and the world

    I decided I wanted to be an engineer while I was in high school, and when I found out about ADFA I was impressed by the career prospects offered by the RAAF. It was definitely a bonus that ADFA was associated with such a renowned university as UNSW.


  • 04

    Be paid to study,

    ADFA provides cadets an opportunity to develop their own potential. It's not a steep learning curve - its slow and gradual over three years. It starts with learning to be part of a team, then learning our own strengths and weaknesses, before we learn to lead others. This gives us the chance to develop as individuals before we take on roles as junior officers.


    and have your tuition and textbook fees paid by the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
  • 05

    Study with the best university teacher-to-student ratio

    ADFA provides once in a lifetime opportunities for cadets to challenge themselves and each other, and gain memories and experiences that they will never forget. I certainly never have.


    in the country and learn from lecturers at the top of their fields
  • 06

    Meet a diverse range of people and make mates that will last a lifetime

    In my job I've been put in a position where making decisions is an everyday occurrence. The time I spent at ADFA gave me the skills to make the tough decisions, and the friends I made will ensure that if I ever do run into trouble, help is only a phone call away.


  • 07

    Undertake adventure training and personal development programs

    Ten years after graduating ADFA, my best friend is still the Navy Officer who I met during recruiting. Despite the difficulties of long distance during our careers in the Navy, we have maintained that closeness. We lived next door to each other in first year at ADFA, now we're living in the same city and catching up all the time.


    with the Navy, Army and Air Force
  • 08

    Challenge yourself with exciting and rewarding experiences

    In a career full of challenge, diversity and travel I have been able to obtain great civilian accredited qualifications, achieve career and personal goals, and gain amazing experiences that will set me up for life.


    not available to other universities
  • 09

    Graduate with a guaranteed job

    My undergraduate degree has seen me through many overseas trips, command roles, and deployments on operation in the Pacific and East Timor. This year I've been given the opportunity to take up postgraduate studies. I'm posted to ADFA as a Divisional Officer, and studying a Masters in Engineering Science part time.


    in the Navy, Army or Air Force

    Studying at a postgraduate level has been a fantastic learning experience. I have spent a great deal of time researching a topic of my own choosing, and the funding I received through the AJ Hayter Scholarship has helped me make the most of the opportunity.


  • 10

    Take advantage of unique postgraduate courses and scholarship opportunities

    Starting university with a full time salary and knowing that I have a guaranteed job on graduation has given me amazing financial security, and allowed me to focus on studying for my Bachelor of Business. Already, I live away from home, have no university debt, own a car and have saved enough to go to Europe at the end of the year to celebrate my graduation.


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