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SERCAT 6 Mature to activate from 29 November 2018

SERCAT 6 will transition from its Interim to Mature state on 29 November 2018.

SERCAT 6 Mature will enable the ADF to manage the strategic and sustainable delivery of capability and provide flexible service arrangements for individuals who want to serve in the Permanent force.

For more information on SERCAT 6 Mature select one of the following links:

Transfer Web Form

Web Form AC853 - Application to Transfer within or Separate from the ADF has been updated and now includes options for members to request to transfer across the ADF TWM Service Spectrum.

The Web form is used by members to voluntarily request to transfer between SERCATs within the same Service, transfer between Services, activate SERVOP D, cease all forms of ADF service or be posted within SERCAT 3, or 5 (Air Force only)

The form can be found on ForceNet on the 'Forms' page under the 'Pers Admin' menu. If you haven't registered on ForceNet, you can register by:

  1. Ensuring your alternate contact details (home email and personal mobile number) have been updated in PMKeyS. PMKeyS and ForceNet are linked. You can update your alternate contact details via the PMKeyS Self Service Home Portal. (please wait 2-3 business days for changes to be updated)
  2. On the ForceNet home page, click the register now button (located next to the log in button) on the ForceNet home page.
  3. Select your membership type (Navy, Army, Air Force or Defence APS). Note if you are an APS employee and a Reservist you may have two profiles.
  4. Complete the 'Your details' section and when finished, click 'Register'. You will immediately receive an email to your alternate (personal) email account recorded in PMKeyS. The email will detail your username (not the same as your DRN user name) and provide a link to create your password. You have 48 hours to click on the link and create your password. After 48 hours you will need to restart the process.
  5. Once you have set up your password and pin, you will be asked to complete a number of mandatory fields.

After you have registered on ForceNet you may wish to join Unit, professional or community groups. You can also join the ADF Total Workforce Model professional group to keep up to date with TWM information.

The Reserve Assistance Program

The Reserve Assistance Program (RAP) helps ensure that Reservists continue to contribute to Defence capability. Defence Reservists who are rendering service and do not have access to mental health and wellbeing programs, usually available at their civilian employment, can access the Reserve Assistance Program (RAP).

The RAP is a confidential, cost free, professional counselling service with highly trained psychologists or social workers. There is also a Manager's hotline for Commanding Officers, Supervisors or Managers of Reserve Personnel designed to provide guidance and strategies on how to address issues Reservists may face.

The RAP builds on existing ADF Mental Health programs to ensure that all Reservists, who are rendering service, and their immediate family have access to mental health and wellbeing support, to address both personal and service related challenges.

Examples of the reasons an eligible Reservist might draw on the RAP include:

  • personal crisis at work, home, or service
  • relationship and family issues (ie grief, loss and bereavement, divorce)
  • employment issues (ie achieving work life balance or adjusting to change)
  • Other physical or emotional difficulties.

Counselling can help to communicate, understand and address challenges and may help prevent breakdowns in health and emotional wellbeing.

The RAP service provider Converge International, can also provide awareness sessions to units on request, designed to enhance the wellbeing of Reserve personnel.

For more information about the RAP, download or view the fact sheets below.

Implementation of the ADF Total Workforce Model

ADF personnel are central to the ADF's ability to deliver capability. The ADF is committed to enhancing the way Permanent/Regular members can serve, and understands the important role the Reserves make to Defence's capability outputs.

On 1 July 2016, Navy, Army and Air Force commenced the transition to implementation of the ADF Total Workforce Model (TWM). The Services transitioned to the TWM over the period 1 July- 31 October 2016. During this time member's PMKeyS profiles were updated to reflect their new service category (SERCAT) and service option (SERVOP), where applicable.

Many factors have influenced the development of the ADF TWM. The Australian workforce is expected to be facing a skills shortage over the next decade, as the number of people leaving employment will be much higher than the number joining the workforce, creating strong competition for people. The ADF TWM has been developed to meet this challenge; to attract and retain the people the ADF needs to deliver capability.

Development of the TWM has been informed by research and feedback from over 10,000 ADF personnel. This research revealed that Permanent/Regular members want more flexibility and Reservists are seeking more opportunities to serve.

The TWM's design enables the ADF to draw on the skills and experience of its entire workforce (Permanent/Regular and Reserves) in a more agile and integrated way. The Model will offer Reservists greater opportunity to contribute their combined military and civilian skills, work practices and unique insights in support of ADF capability with more surety in their service.

In the months and years to follow, as the Services integrate the TWM into their workforce and people management practices, the opportunities the TWM presents will become more apparent. The organisational and workplace flexibility the TWM brings will enable the generation and sustainment of ADF capability into the future.

Did you know you can receive TWM updates and stay connected on ForceNet?

A new ForceNet page and professional group, dedicated to the ADF Total Workforce Model (ADF TWM), is now available. If you don't have regular access to the DRN, you can keep up to date about the ADF TWM via ForceNet.

The ADF TWM is a contemporary workforce model that offers a different way of thinking about how our people contribute to capability and provides more flexible ways for members to serve. The page contains information about the TWM with fact sheets and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the new service categories (SERCATs) and service options (SERVOPs) members will serve in. Join the ADF TWM professional group so you can keep up to date with the latest news and information.

ForceNet is available to current serving Permanent/Regular and Reserve members of the ADF and Defence APS.

To register, ensure your alternate (personal) email address and mobile phone details are up to date in PMKeyS. You can update your details via the PMKeyS Self Service Portal prior to registering for ForceNet. Please allow up to three business days for any updates to be reflected. If your details are already up to date in PMKeyS you can register at

Legislation enabling ADF flexible service

Legislation enabling improved access to flexible service arrangements by Permanent ADF members was passed in both houses of Parliament on 20 August 2015. The legislation authorises Service Category (SERCAT 6), which is a key component of the ADF Total Workforce Model (TWM) being delivered by Project Suakin for implementation by the Services. The new category of service has been designed to extend the flexibility currently available to Permanent members beyond what is possible under existing Part Time Leave Without Pay (PTLWOP) arrangements.

Defence as a modern and responsive employer, is mindful that there will be times in every ADF member's career when they'll need a degree of flexibility, to enable them to balance their military commitments with their personal lives. The TWM introduces opportunities for enhanced flexibility, extending and building on flexible workplace policies currently in place.

From 1 July 2016, when the changes to law become effective, the Service Chiefs will be empowered to consider applications for flexible service by Permanent/Regular members. Aware of their primary responsibility to deliver ADF capability, the Service Chiefs will be able to offer a Permanent/Regular member a pattern of flexible service other than days per fortnight, as is the case under PTLWOP.

The TWM also provides opportunities for ADF Reservists to make a greater contribution to the delivery of military capability. The flexiblity inherent in the TWM will allow ADF members to move across a spectrum of service categories spanning the Permanent/Regular and Reserve components, enabling greater organisational and individual flexibility. Better use of the 'total force' will facilitate the generation and sustainment of Defence capability.

ADF TWM Fact Sheets

For more information about each of the SERCATs featured in the Total Workforce Model, download the relevant fact sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Total Workforce Model FAQ [PDF 260Kb]

SERCAT 6 Mature FAQ [PDF 395Kb]

Reserve Assistance Program

To support the increasing integration of the Reserve workforce, Defence Reservists who are rendering service and do not have access mental health and wellbeing programs at their civilian employment can access the Reserve Assistance Program (RAP).

The RAP builds on existing ADF Mental Health programs to ensure that Reservists who are rendering service and their immediate family have access to mental health and wellbeing support, to address both personal and service related challenges. Access the RAP on 1300 687 327 for confidential, independent, and free counselling.

For more information about the RAP, download the RAP Fact Sheet for Members or the RAP Fact Sheet for Commanders and Supervisors

ADF TWM Brochure - Changing the way we serve

For printed copies of the ADF Total Workforce Model - Changing the way we serve, email ADF TWM

To view the contents of the fold-out brochure, ADF TWM - Changing the way we serve

ADF TWM PowerPoint Presentation

An awareness presentation about the ADF TWM is available for Commanders and Supervisors ADF Total Workforce Model PowerPoint Presentation, Presenter Notes

ADF TWM Transition Seminar PowerPoint Presentation

The ADF Transition Seminar presentation on the TWM aimed at SERCAT 7 personnel considering leaving full time service PowerPoint Presentation, Presenter Notes

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General enquiries about the program can be sent to ADF TWM