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About the Australian Defence College


Australian Defence College (ADC) was established to meet the strategic needs of the Australian Defence Force for joint professional military education and individual joint warfare training. This is achieved through delivery of courses, exercises and programs of study at the Australian Defence College and the Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre.

Each centre has a different role in preparing Australian Defence Force personnel, Australian Public Servants and members of Defence industry for senior roles within a joint operating environment.

The Australian Defence College Strategic Plan 2013-17 outlines the future directions for education and training in Defence.

Thought Leadership

The Commander of ADC encourages innovative thought. Learning is a life long activity enabled through the formality of courses offered by the Australian Defence College, but also through informal networks and systems. The hallmarks of our approach to learning are to focus on:

  • helping individuals learn,
  • promoting critical thinking and problem solving,
  • encouraging cooperation, communication, collaboration and trust, and
  • willingness to take risk.
We will train for certainty and educate for uncertainty.

ADC All Rank Mess

The Weston Creek Mess forms the focus of social activity for ACSC course members, CDSS course members and all staff employed at the Australian Defence College (ADC).

Membership of the Mess is open to all military and civilian personnel posted to ADC, and to all course members of ACSC and CDSS. In many regards our Mess is unique, with a blend of different Services, ranks, nationalities and cultures.

The Mess provides buffet or packaged lunches for members and guests, and a daily morning tea for each course. It is also the venue for staff and course functions, and for a range of external lectures and events.

The position of Mess President is held by the Chief of Staff, Joint Education, Training and Warfare Command.

ADC Campuses

Elements of the Australian Defence College are spread across six campuses. A review is currently underway about the future co-location of ADC at one campus, which would be Campbell in ACT. Our current locations:

Weston, ACT:

  • Australian Defence College Headquarters
  • Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies
  • Australian Command and Staff College
  • Centre for Defence Research

Campbell, ACT:

  • Australian Defence Force Academy
  • Capability Technology Management College
  • Australia's Federation Guard
  • Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics

Brindabella Park, ACT:

  • Defence Learning Branch

Bonegilla, VIC:

  • Defence Force Chaplains College

Laverton, VIC:

  • Defence Force School of Languages
  • Defence International Training Centre

Williamtown, NSW:

  • ADF Warfare Centre
  • ADF Peacekeeping Centre